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Joerg Andrees

Joerg’s 2017 Course: Good and Evil in Characters

Joerg AndreesJoerg Andrees was born in Berlin where he now works. He first studied film and for many years worked in that medium. He subsequently became involved in theatre, and he now works extensively in both mediums.

Joerg Andrees is a stage and film director, performer, tutor and is regarded globally as one of the foremost exponents of the Michael Chekhov Method. In 1992, he co-established the first International Michael Chekhov Conference in Berlin and started what has since become the worldwide Michael Chekhov acting movement. He has a leading role in the Michael Chekhov Studio Berlin and his work has been recognised internationally.

He has delivered workshops worldwide on the Michael Chekov Method. This work has taken him to places such as the Eugene O’Neill Centre (USA), Cardiff University (Wales), School of Speech and Drama (Austria), MICHAs International M. Chekhov Workshop (Southampton, USA), Orff Institute (Austria) as well as to the Alfred Schnittke Akademie International (Germany), and many others.

Joerg is a member of MICHA and a MICHA Teacher.

Currently, he produces and directs theatre shows, dance programmes, music performances and films. He also performs solo improvisations and improvisation performances with partners.

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