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Theme Night 2016

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We are delighted to announce the theme for the 2016 Theme Night at Gormanston. The event takes place in the Huntsman pub next to the college and is a night of music, dancing and the most imaginative and, in many cases, detailed costumes. It must be said that in some cases the effort only extends to what ever people can get their hands on to cobble together a costume. The mix of creativeness, ingenuity and in some cases meticulous planning ensures a memorable and hysterical evening.

The night is of course light hearted, so  although we do like the theme to be current, we do want it to be interpreted in the broadest possible sense.

The 2016 theme “100 Years of Rebels on the Stage” marks Ireland’s centenary and  acknowledges the role of the stage and the arts in general in the past 100 years. We also want to pay tribute to the rebels that kicked up the dirt over the past 100 years, not necessarily actors, but people that belonged on a stage – people who’s behaviour and quotes are made for the stage. Our sporting, political, journalists and rebellious personalities who were never far from a drama.

Hopefully you have someone in mind already – God knows the last 100 years has not been short on bona fide and wannabe rebels in equal measures.

The Theme Night takes place Wednesday the 3rd August 2016.