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The personal touch and its importance to Cormac & Eamonn

We thought we’d take a moment to write a short blog about the running of Gormanston and talk about what makes the week so magical – what are the elements we feel make the week so memorable and so irresistible to the many serial attendees… year after year.

Gormanston is a family affair and the life and well-being of the Gormanston Drama Summer School is in our blood. We know now that the wider family, the participants, expect that personal touch and familiarity – we hope you feel you are getting that. Gormanston is not part of any other stage school, we are 100% dedicated to those attending our summer school events.

Keeping the motif going, the management of Gormanston is also a family affair, having been run by Eamonn and Freda O’Donoghue for many years, they now welcome another family member to the team, Eamonn’s nephew Cormac, son of Eamonn’s late brother Joe whom tutored at Gormanston for many many years and is fondly remembered. Joe’s love for Gormanston has passed to Cormac and he brings with him many years experience working in theatre administration and production.

Our tutors are some of the most respected in Ireland and the UK and have been with us for many years. Each year they bringing something new and different to the courses.