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StageWorks attendees visit Athlone

StageWorks Annual Drama Summer School visit new home in Athlone

Last weekend, some regulars to Gormanston over the last number of years were invited to attend AIT (Athlone Institute of Technology) to view some of the facilities which we have chosen for StageWorks 2018. We were asking them to give their feedback on how they see StageWorks 2018 settling into its new home in August.

On the day we viewed two areas of this modern campus. Both locations were very suitable and had definite potential as homes for the week’s work. The areas were very suitable in terms of size, lighting and facilities. The feedback was very encouraging and reassured us that Athlone has all that is needed for StageWorks 2018.

We also viewed the dining areas which are located on the main campus. They are of a high standard and offered a range of food etc. The dining areas are very contemporary with a charming and apt decor and will no doubt be another improvement to the StageWorks 2018 offering.

Accommodation for course residents

We then viewed the accommodation which is adjacent to the campus. The accommodation this year will have a different setup as rooms are located in blocks with a common kitchen and sitting area and dining area. The apartments will house five or six people depending on room types and people sharing. The closeness of blocks will allow for people to interact with each other, establish a community for the week and also give enough room for you to carry out your own activities in the evening.

Evening activities

As is the norm at StageWorks, we will have a schedule of activities each evening. Regulars will have noticed that we have slightly rejigged the timetable versus previous years in 2017. This was based on the feedback from participants and it looks like these amendments of the timetable will prove even more successful with our setup in Athlone 2018. The timetable allows for more free time for the attendees while also maintaining the high number of hours for our tutors. A high number of tutors hours is what allows people to get such a large volume of work completed over the duration of the course.

For the evenings, we will have our welcome reception on the first night, our annual table quiz and our fancy dress. These will take place in the Tack Bar which is adjacent to the accommodation and is highly suitable and safe for evening activities (People familiar with the walk to the evening events in Gormanston will remember that walk was not along a safe road). On the nights where we don’t have planned events, we may look at scheduling other group events.

 Opportunities for evening activities

Athlone has a lot more to offer which will contribute to people having a wonderful week in the area. We were delighted with the initial feedback from the people who attended the viewing and walkthrough of the campus site. As regulars to Gormanston, they were well aware of the issues we had and what we are trying to achieve. The general consensus was that StageWorks is moving to a very suitable venue and that Athlone is all and more of what is required for a massively successful week


So as we move forward in our preparations for StageWorks 2018, we will imminently be releasing our brochure for the year with our list of tutors and their course descriptions. We will be distributing those through regular channels both online and throughout the country. Please keep an eye out for the information and this year more than ever with changes to accommodation and spaces, early booking is essential.