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New facilities at Gormanston Park

Those of you who have been attending Gormanston Drama Summer School for many years will have noticed that the college facilities and accommodation have been getting some welcome upgrades over the past number of years. The college is now in a position to provide a much higher standard of accommodation and there has also been a higher quality of the food on offer over the past number of years. The meals have been superb and are a credit to the head chef at Gormanston Park.

The changes have meant that some of the facilities that we would have been used to over the years are not available at the moment while renovations take place. Specifically, we have missed the swimming pool over the past number of years. The pool was in urgent need of an upgrade to bring it up to modern standards. The upgrades at Gormanston Park mean that the swimming pool complex is now getting a full renovation. We do not expect the swimming pool to be reopened before August 2017, but we know the wait will be worth it and we look forward to seeing the new facilities in 2018.

On our recent trip to Gormanston Park, we were very impressed with the many other improvements we saw. Here are some of the main ones.

Access for those with disabilities or in need of assistance.

The college has fully upgraded facilities for those with disabilities or in need of mobility assistance. This includes special rooms, toilets, and washing facilities which are to the required standards. These new rooms are located in the single non-ensuite area of the college’s accommodation.

Dining Hall & Food

There is a new layout to the kitchen area. You can now see the cooking area where food is prepared and the flow is much smoother when you are getting your meals. The meals are prepared by a dedicated team at Gormanston Park using only the freshest Irish produce available.


WiFi is now available for attendees throughout the college. WiFi is great in most instances and is even more useful as the Gormanston area can be patchy for coverage with many of the mobile network providers.

New vending machines

There are now snack machines for course attendees. For those with a sweet tooth this means you won’t have to keep a stash of sweets hidden your room.


All the en-suite accommodation has been updated. This includes new beds, new ensuite fitted, carpet floors, lowered roofs. The single non-ensuite rooms are now fully revamped, and the toilet and shower facilities are fully upgraded.

As the area referred to as The Annexe, Siberia, Red Square have not been upgraded; we will not be offering them for the coming year.

Group Accommodation

The college now provides top quality dorm accommodation. This means we can offer a low-cost accommodation option that may be suitable for groups of friends attending the course or for group for theatre groups or universities. These dorms come with study desks, secure storage and use of the newly upgraded toilet and shower facilities. Make sure to contact us if you would like to avail of this group offering.

Sport Facilities

Gormanston Park is home to the Aras Preston sports complex, Ireland’s largest indoor sports arena. Here you can avail of court time in the evenings taking part in a wide variety of activities including basketball, indoor soccer, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, squash, and handball. There is also have a gymnasium in the Aras Preston which can be used by
Course attendees.

Gormanston Park also holds host to one of Ireland’s most recognised FootGolf courses. 18 holes of fun and laughter that can be enjoyed by all guests.