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COURSE B – 2015: Who am I Now? with Padraic McIntyre

Padraic McIntyre - Gormanston Drama Summer SchoolTutor: Padraic McIntyre


Actor and director Padraic McIntyre will lead this course exploring the demands and skills required of an actor playing multiple roles in a single production.

A style of theatre McIntyre has worked in consistently over the past number of years this course will explore physicalisation, the voice, mannerisms and transformation between characters.

This course will work on texts like Alone It Stands by John Breen, Stones In His Pockets by Marie Jones, The Dead School by Pat McCabe and The Green Fool by Declan Gorman all of which were specifically written for this style of theatre.

It will also explore a number of large cast conventional plays, and experiment with them in this style.

While emphasis will be on fun, play, creativity, experimentation this course will be physically demanding, push people outside their comfort zones and familiarization with chosen texts will greatly enhance the quality of the work, but above all a willingness to be open to new ideas and approaches is essential.

It is suitable for both actors and directors with some experience.

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