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COURSE E – 2015: What’s the Story? with Sue Colgrave

Sue Colgrave - Gormanston Drama Summer SchoolThis is an acting workshop for experienced actors and directors. The workshop  centres on and explores the relationship between artist and audience. It seeks to extend skills of theatrical communication, physical and vocal transformation and dramatic structuring. The exercises and techniques explored will nourish the actor/ director/ musician in all areas of work and can be directly applied to devising, playwriting and the anti realist theatre from Shakespeare to Berkov. The sessions will include exercises developed by Shared Experience, Complicite and Peter Brook.

Participants will:

  1. Work on theatre games and exercises designed to create the ensemble,encourage spontaneity and develop the imagination
  2. Explore techniques of moving from narrator to character thereby extending flexibility and character playing range.
  3. Experiment with Montage, Tableaux and Physical Storytelling.
  4. Work with text specifically written in the genre. Tutor will provide material
  5. Experience working with a wide range of stage configurations, locations and actor/audience relationship.
  6. Develop techniques to create, structure and perform their stories in a theatrical form.

Music and soundscape will play an important role in this work shop. Specific sessions will be shared with the music / singing group with Robert Hymen. The two groups will collaborate and be team taught.

Participants should bring simple jumble sale garments, hats, gloves, scarves, jackets so we may have a dressing up box. Also bring a selection of CDs 3 or 4 in different musical forms.

Most importantly please prepare (recollect and write down what happened) a short story. This should be based on personal experience, NOT invented and be titled My Most Humiliating Experience or A Rite of Passage.

Previous participants will find something familiar and something new. Everyone should be prepared to sweat a little, laugh a lot and above all have fun and be courageous!

If you wish to purchase an upgrade to include an en-suite or washing area, you will be offered this at the checkout page.

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