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COURSE C – 2015: Inside Out with Robert Hyman

Tutor: Robert Hyman

  1. rob“Inside Out” – with the inside facing outwards – example “she turned the shirt inside out”
  2. “Inside Out” – from every perspective – example “she knew the town inside out”

A song is an extraordinary gift that we share with the world. On a stage that song may mean one thing to the singer but a completely different thing to the listener. This course will look at the very essence of how and what we communicate when we sing and how to utilise our voice and ourselves to give the performance that we want to give. With so many people singing the same songs it is more and more vital that we are true to who we are and yet can learn to perform in a way that is both personal and public. To share a moment of theatre with an audience and allow ourselves the courage to reveal the very core of the song and to outpour that essence from ourselves.

The course will look at this from both an individual and group perspective. We will be using musical material from all genres but we will also explore creating our own songs and finding our own musical voice and letting it speak. If participants have a musical instrument they are encourage to bring it that we can use them as part of our process and feed each others work but being an instrumentalist is absolutely not a prerequisite of the course.

Although this course is a standalone class working with Robert Hyman in their own space for the majority of the week, there will be a percentage of specific sessions which will be shared classes with Sue Colgrave’s course “Storytelling” who’s work directly impacts upon our own and will be tremendously helpful in our musical journey to turn ourselves “Inside Out”

Singers may bring prepared songs but again this is not a prerequisite. The only things that are required are an open mind, an enquiring heart a brave spirit and a desire to have a fun and rewarding week singing your hearts out.

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