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COURSE G 2019 : Exploring the Essence of Performance: Purpose & Pulse – Irene O’Meara

Irene will use many activities & exercises to help actors understand texts and translate this internal knowledge into an intended, outward expression.   She will draw these conventions from the traditional area of theatre workshops and skill development as well as the settings of Process Drama and Expressive Arts.

Participants will use a variety of texts to explore intention and theme to improve the ability to discover the potential of the playwright’s intention. This will be translated into a true representation where a focal point is developed in time and space.  Characterisation, sub-text and timing and the power of gesture & subtlety are the key elements under scrutiny. The tempering of actions will be explored in order to find balance between expression and feeling. Actors and directors will expand on their ability to find the beat and pulse of mini-scenes in order to punctuate greater scenes into progressive stepping stones.

Through teamwork, discussion, tailored improvisation and stagecraft you will explore into the ‘hinge’ points of the text thus expanding your emotional and physical repertoire & wherewithal.  Through a broad expanse of activities Irene hopes you will realise the power and joy of improved performance.

Irene’s welcoming and nurturing facilitation skills allows for individuality as well as a collective, cohesive force.  You will be encouraged and challenges in equal measure. She looks forward to igniting and taming the fire within!


Irene is looking forward to her first time working with Stageworks. She will combine her tutoring experience with her love of theatre on her programme.

Irene has been facilitating and designing courses for over twenty years in the areas of Acting, Directing, Ensemble work as well as Drama Therapy, Expressive Arts Process Drama & Integrated Arts.

She enjoys working with groups in education as well as performance where the introduction of new concepts, active learning & skill enhancement are all part of the bigger picture whereby participants are given a sense of ownership of their craft and authenticity. She draws from many practises and influences when exploring subject matter, utilising a broad, multi-disciplinary approach.

She has worked in the Drama Department of Mary Immaculate College and currently works with Hibernia College in the area of Arts & Literacy. She delivers courses with Education Centres, Baboró International Children’s Festival CPD Programme, Earthfest, Earthsong, One World Centre ,Youth Groups, Drama Groups etc. Other areas of her work are running Harmonic Singing workshop, choreography & teaching in a Primary School.

Many of you will be familiar with Irene on the Drama Circuit as she adjudicates at One Act and Full-Length Festivals. She particularly likes meeting the hard-working groups to discuss the fruits of their labour with attention to detail & the driving force of their drama. Her experience in acting, directing, Stage Management, Costume & Set Design affords her a balanced perspective of productions.