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COURSE D – 2015: Funny Ha, Ha, Funny Peculiar with Joerg Andrees

jorg copyTutor: Joerg Andrees

Leading director, workshop facilitator and widely respected creative artist for the stage and screen, Joerg Andrees invites actors, directors and writers to join him in the creation of comedy material, worthy of presentation to an audience. Participants will have opportunities across all three elements of the work, performance, directing, and writing. Those who wish to focus on a particular element will also be facilitated.

We will endeavour each day to develop basic skills and techniques and on the development of a cohesive working group.  The comedy genre will be considered recognising traditional concepts but we will also delve in to the exciting world of the unconventional to discover many surprising ways of creating fun and laughter.

The work will proceed with the creation and refinement of short scenes ( mini comedies) and both individual and collective input will be employed in what will frequently be an outside the box process. Sharing of the work will also be part of a journey that will explore the potential of mind, body and spirit.

Bring paper, pencil, an open mind, imagination, curiosity and some of your dreams…

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