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COURSE C – 2016: Creating the character with Joerg Andrees

  • This course is suitable for actors and directors, both new and experienced.
  • Participants will learn the process and techniques for developing characters.
  • Scripts will be examined in order to practice and experience the proven techniques.
  • Participants will leave the course withe to the skills to fully develop a character in a script as an actor or director. 

TUTOR: Joerg Andrees

Joerg AndreesOn reading any play, the actor’s first question is: What is my character? In many cases, the artistic character will be a far more complicated, colourful and a deeper person to any we might know in real life.

The author, the text, the play and the people in the play – these are the starting points for the actor in order to find their own creation the character.

So, what does it mean, the character in a play? What are the criteria of a character and its characterisation? How can I relate myself as an actor to the life of the given character?

How can the actor express the character and it’s deeper understanding of life? Is the actor just a “fulfiller” of the given character?

The most joy and satisfaction for the actor is gained by becoming creative and expressive through his individuality.

During the week, we will examine the following questions:

  • What are the means for the actor to create the character?
  • What are the way to explore the relationship of the actor to the character?
  • How do we reference our personal experiences in creating the character?
  • How do we create the artistic character?
  • How do we develop a “real-life-person” on stage?

Working with a practical approach of psycho-physical work, including the acting technique of Michael Chekhov, we will explore different tools for characterisation:

We will also learn reading techniques, improvisation, psychological gesture, imaginary body and imaginary centre.We will explore the joy and the freedom of acting for the creative actor/director.

You can, if you wish, bring a monologue and a dialogue with you. As a group, we will decide on the appropriate content which we will work on.