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COURSE A – 2015: Before Your Very Eyes with Kevin Dowsett

kevTutor: Kevin Dowsett

The partnership between Anton Chekhov and Constantin Stanislaski created theatre productions which are still regarded as benchmarks of modern drama. Chekhov’s plays speak as strongly and as relevantly today as when they were written and Stanislavski’s methods are a core component of teaching in drama schools throughout the western world.

In this fast moving course Kevin takes scenes, duologues and monologues from Chekhov’s final play The Cherry Orchard and using Stanislavski’s approach to acting creates a cut down version of the play. The famous Stanislavski system uses emotional memory and physical actions to make the characters and situation as truthful as possible and here there are many opportunities to explore this rich theatrical landscape.

Kevin is known for creating an ensemble from the group, exploring the previous life of characters and the relationships between them and others. Status, space, objectives, attitude and improvisation are developments that build the character and situation. Kevin shapes the scenes and the characters in unusual ways that releases NOWNESS into the performance. The play carries a universal theme of longing, holding on and letting go and often veers suddenly from the hilarious to the tragic. As ever in Kevin’s work conflict, surprise and atmosphere play a part in bringing the script to life.

This course will appeal to actors and directors who like working as a group, who enjoy the flexibility of being in the moment with the work but who also like the discipline of the script. A sense of humour and generosity is useful as is the ability to make things up as you go along! As the week progresses scenes and dialogues are brought together in a shortened version of the play which is performed at the end of the course.

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