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COURSE B – 2016: Love & Hate in Shakespeare with Rod Goodall

  • This course is suitable for actors and directors, both new and experienced. 
  • The content is designed for those whom wish to develop an understanding and further explore Shakespeare. 
  • Previous stage experience in Shakespeare’s plays is Not necessary.

TUTOR: Rod Goodall

Rod GoodallThis year is the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.

His plays have been translated into over 2,600 languages and he is still considered to be the finest dramatist and poet in the English language. Shakespeare presents every high emotion that is known to us: from tyranny, greed, ambition, fear, revenge, the list is of operatic proportions!

Love and hate are the source of a range of actions and experiences from the most heroic to the most vicious, the most ecstatic to the most painful, the most sublime to the most ridiculous.

Using a selection of edited scenes, which include: monologues, duologues, group and chorus work, approximately 10 scenes will be rehearsed and staged, with the aid of a narrator.

Shakespeare abú.