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COURSE F – 2018: Beyond the Text and the Character

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TUTOR: Joerg Andrees

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Beyond the Text and the Character
 – Exploring the actor’s creative impulse with the Michael Chekhov Technique

Behind the text and the character there is always a deeper meaning. The actor and the director create their own individual interpretation of a play or scene. Chekhov speaks about this process for the actor. He uses the term “mask”. The actor wears the character and the text as a “mask” to express the individual artistic understanding of life as a creative artist.

The actor needs to find an individual physical expression for the character. What can the actor create for the character’s movements and speech? One possible way to approach the character is to create “non-naturalistic stage businesses”. This can help the actor from being limited to normal psychological expressions, thus freeing up the possibilities for movements, gestures and ways of speaking.

All this is held together by the imagination. This is an imagination about the inner process as well as the outer actions and their deeper meaning for the text. The actor and the director can then express their individual artistic approach with a “given character” and a “given text”.

This course promises to be an exciting new way of exploring the acting process for any kind of performance. Bring your openness and desire to use your imagination to discover your own creative artist within. We will work with contemporary texts of both theatre and poetry. Feel free to bring your own text if you wish.

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