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5 Reason To Join Your Local Theatre

The theatre is a craft that needs to be thought and practised. One of the very best ways to hone your craft and get real enjoyment is to join a local theatre group and get involved in some productions… Here is just 5 of the many reason to get out there and get involved.

It Enriches Your Community

Getting involved in a local community theatre is a great way to meet new friends and really feel a part of your local community. Theatre offers a fantastic opportunity for people to develop relationships, creating an opportunity to get to know lasting friends who you share passions and interest with.

Personal Development

There are many ways in which a theatre group can help develop your self-confidence and self-esteem. Standing on stage and performing in front of an audience can be daunting and it’s not easy – sometime made especially hard if the audience is made up from people in your community or family. However in a safe environment of a theatre workshop or rehearsal, where everyone in the room feels just as awkward, embarrassment can soon disappear. Over time, confidence will then start to grow, as performing becomes easier and enjoyable. These are communication skills which will will enhance you life be it in work, school, or other voluntary work.

Get out there!

Finding low budget activities to do that really pay off can be hard to some by. With joining a local theatre group you get to take part in something special. Not only do community performance groups provide entertainment to the community, but becoming a member is good for the body and soul.

Learn New Skills

Theatre doesn’t have to mean acting! There are a host of ways in which people could learn different skills when working on a theatre production. Whether it’s backstage, lighting, costume design or front of house, they are just as important and just as enjoyable.


It’s Fun!

More fun then you could shake a stick at.